Taking the Cowtown Backroads

I have really enjoyed photographing with a used Fujifilm X Pro 2 incorporating an ARCOS-R film simulation which has become my favorite. However, with all of my traveling as of late, I have been in pursuit of a lighter configuration for my photography while on the road so I don’t have to lug around cameras for black and white, birds, and color.

For today’s session, I equipped a red filter on my Voigtlander 35mm Classic and headed down to downtown Fort Worth. Little did I know that the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo was going on.

Saginaw is guarded by the railroad and a towering granary facility
I had my red filter attached to document the cool cloud patterns. Looks pretty cool against steel too.
Ever had light crust flour?
Automotive shops separate city districts
The boot means that you ain’t in Kansas anymore…
Cowtown parking

I thought I would be able to park somewhere, but it was such a nice day outside that everyone was out with their boots and cowboy hats. I took a few snappies from the car but none of the photographs turned out the way I wanted. Outside of the stock show, I was able to eavesdrop on a rather dire phone conversation stopped at a red light, of which I shall keep the content of the phone session confidential.

If you could have only heard the conversation I was hearing
Fort Worth “Cowtown”
The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo from afar.

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