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Tim Harris is a birder and curious explorer photographing Texas local parks, neighborhoods, and parking lots. His archival prints encompass Texas wildflowers in bloom, fledging birds, waterbirds, birds on migration, sunrises, and sunsets around the North Texas area. Tim is happily married to his wife and best friend of nearly 13 years, enjoys a good homemade meal paired with an appropriate wine, an avid NFL fan, and lifelong Playstation Gamer.

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Curbside pickup in North Texas

You will now be able to schedule curbside pickup within the North Texas area when purchasing nature photography prints. Go to the online store, choose your print, schedule your pickup, checkout, and you’re done!

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Tim Harris offers online consultations for anyone wishing to pair artwork with their living space. Scheduling virtual visits is limited and offered on weekdays. Have photos of the wall space in question available to share during your appointment.

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