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Purple Carnation Extravagance
There are fewer flowers to photograph during the holiday months, so I challenged myself to be creative with a standard carnation.
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Heading West
A mix of black and white and color photography using a 45mm prine of the greater United States Southwest on route to Palm Springs California.
Dance of the Hummingbirds
Dance of the Hummingbirds
I photographed these Hummingbirds enjoying a quick refreshment while staying at my mother's ranch in the lovely Texas hill country.
A photograph of rose with dramatic colors
Roses From My Garden
Who knew a single rose bush planted by my wife in my front yard garden could be so diverse of color and character.
Wildflowers at night
Wildflowers at Night
Photographing wildflowers in my local area at midnight is a secret pastime of mine. I feel the photography portrays a ghostly ethereal vibe.
A Day with
the Valley
Years of dormancy had come to an end as my Lily of the Valley decided to rise to meet the Texas sun.
Calla Lily Portraits
These Calla Lilies I purchased from the market bloomed for several weeks offering plenty opportunities for experimentation.
Flaming Alstroemeria Lilies
I selected the Alstroemeria Lily from the store as they reminded me of my luscious roses from my front yard garden but with tiger-like striping and distinct anthers.

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