Haslet at Golden Hour

As you may have seen previously, I have a love hate relationship with neighborhood. I love Haslet for all of the nature the area provides facilitating hours upon hours of enjoyment for free.

I hate the area for all of the development going on reducing the amount of natural diversity birds require to hunt and sleep. But I can not stop progress. No naturalist can. All I can do is hope to photograph what I love about my home until I can not photograph it any longer.

Construction work around my street.
Roofers up early.
Haslet at Golden Hour.
It was pretty cold out this morning. Can you see the water frozen around the edges.
The sun begins to ignite steel and nature alike.
A worker up early on a Saturday planting a tree.
Can you see the hawk from up high? He’s been coming out to this point for years.
Red-winged Blackbirds feast in this area come fall.
I enjoyed the colors around the bridge.
Train tracks divide my neighborhood from the BNSF rail yard.
It’s a banana…don’t worry.
A Red-tailed Hawk on the lookout for rats.
A grackle on barbed wire.
A Meadowlark singing its tune.
A Yellow-rumped Warbler (Butterbutt) looking for grub.
A Red-winged Blackbird looking for his companions.
Savannah Sparrow on barbed wire…afraid I was going to eat it.
Savannah Sparrow on barbed wire
American Kestrel in Flight

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