Green House Nursery Update

It’s crazy to think a month has passed since my last nursery update. This past month my amaryllis have been in this character development phase. The Minerva aren’t waiting for March to blossom and who knows, I just may see flowers this coming weekend. The Giant Amadeus Amaryllis is towering all others, eclipsing my Cherry Blossom and later purchased Red Fantasy Amaryllis.

My wife could not have recommended a better flower to start off my greenhouse journey as I have tried to maintain a ritual of lightly watering every day, making sure all flowers have ample sunlight and consistent temperature. The result hopefully speaks for itself!

I switched my plant configuration. Less developed flowers get noon sun.
Minerva Amaryllis #1
Minerva Amaryllis #1 Closeup
Cherry Blossom Amaryllis #1
Cherry Blossom Amaryllis #1 Closeup
Red Fantasy Amaryllis #1
Red Fantasy Amaryllis #2
Developing flowers get morning sunlight.
Giant Amadeus Amaryllis #1
Giant Amadeus Amaryllis #1 Top
Giant Amadeus Amaryllis #1 Bottom
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