Ghosts from the Hill Country

I can’t help but wonder what driving down 281 from North Texas to San Antonio fifty or sixty years ago before major highways came into existence must have been like. The buildings, not people, are all that remain of rural Texas.

It’s almost as if ghosts march out at a certain time in moonlight continuing their meanderings outside the watchful eye of progress. I’m always excited to venture around Texas backroads. They are all so rich with history.

Definitely do not enter the premises.

Drivers can appreciate the beautiful grandiosity of the Texas Hill Country as appreciated by the first colonists by stopping at one of many, and for free, Texas Rest Stops.

The Texas Hill Country isn’t known for super mountainous areas, but the terrain is still dynamic to anyone sporting a camera.
Texas Rest Stops are one of the best hidden gems to anyone visiting Texas wanting to appreciate her majesty.

I went to college in Stephenville, Texas and wished that I was into photography at the time. If I were, I’d be traveling out to Hico and surrounding areas to capture the surroundings areas. Do you believe this picture to be any different twenty five years ago? If so, how?

Cars drive down the busy 281 yet not a single one stop at the Hico Hills Inn.
Perhaps the “A” in Restaurant were still in place twenty five years ago.

I made it a point to travel out to Hamilton Texas to photograph the grave of Billy the Kid. On his tombstone were old coins, dice, a cigarette lighter, belt, and geometric rocks of sorts – relics from the past, or tribute from the present?

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