Photography of rain droplets on tulips

Wild Summer

There is no better time in Texas than summer when vivid wild flowers bloom across the countryside.

A male White-crowned Sparrow eating seed in my backyard

A White Crown

North Texas hosts White-crowned Sparrows every winter and spring - my house in particular. Join me in my latest photography collection as I chronicle their transformation from winter when they first arrive to late spring when they depart.

Photography of rain droplets on tulips

Tulip Droplets

A light rain and sun canopy on an early spring day is the perfect time for photographing water droplets on tulips.

Photography of a Water droplet freezing in place

Droplets on Grass

My first collection of the new year is macro photography of water droplets appearing to be frozen in time on spider's web woven at ground level.

Photography of a Water droplet freezing in place

Water on Grass

Moisture mixing with beautiful Texas sunlight, and frigid winter morning temperatures equals water droplet photography with the macro lens.

An orange and black moth photographed in Haslet Texas

Unfeathered Wings

You have to be creative as a nature photographer when the birds are nesting. Lucky for me, nature provides an infinite amount of natural beauty and splendor despite the nagging Texas heat. Enjoy the many moths, butterflies, dragonflies and more photographed close to my home and near my office.

A rose from my rose bush

True Texas

True Texas is a collection of flower, bird, and nature photography taken during my 48 mile commute from Haslet to Frisco Texas each day.

A photo of a Wildflower in Haslet Texas

A Wild March

I guess Spring seemed to have started early this 2019 allowing me to dust off the macro lens and take advantage of the North Texas wildflowers in full bloom.

A Tuft Titmouse - New York City 2019

Tuft Love

One can only smile at these blue gray, wide-eyed, misfits of the bird kingdom. I know I did! Explore my many photographs of the pudgy cuteness known as the Tuft Titmouse.

A Common Yellowthroat hunting for grub at the edge of a pond

Uncommon Commons (2018 Edition)

This photography series includes some of my best bird photography for the year which has yet to be showcased on my blog or previous series.

Texas mockingbird on top of a visitor parking sign

Texas Strong

Join me as I proudly share photography of my state bird - the Lone Star Texas Mockingbird

Raindrops on a pink rose

Raindrops on Roses

Most Texan summers have brought heat and very little rain to the rose bush in my backyard, but 2018 seems to have been an exception.

A house finch feeds an infant

Summer Babes

Summer is the time for hatchlings to emerge as fully-capable juveniles. The following series captures birds from New York City's majestic Central Park and the Dallas / Fort Worth area from which I live. You might be surprised that not all birds captured sport the colorful plumage we are all familiar with.

The sun sets over Lake Grapevine, Texas

Lake Grapevine

Dynamic clouds or weather conditions prompt to plan a photoshoot for the morning or at night. Join me in my photography session of Lake Grapevine, Texas at blue and golden hours of the day.


Frisco Waterbirds

Songbirds may be silent during the summer, but the Egrets and Herons are happily hunting for fish. Enjoy my collection of waterbirds captured around Warren Parkway and the Dallas North Tollway.


NYC currents

The most thrilling part to New York City is her unbreakable bond between steel and water.


Intense reflections

I went to New York City for a photography conference and came back home to little Haslet, Texas with a vision. I had walked with strangers practically my entire time visiting NYC. I did a little bit of photography on the street, but just felt as if my digital camera was getting in the way of what I wanted to do. So I took out my camera from my backpack during my bus trip back to the airport and began snapping away.

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