The Flooded Creek

Fall rains add to creek levels around my house making it ideal to bring out my 24-70mm and a few ND filters for long exposure photography. I decided to go out at sunset so I could capture some reds in my water shots.

Unfortunately, I live by a train yard, so their time doesn’t necessarily sync with mine. Trains departed right at the peak of golden hour obscuring my god rays leaving me speechless. Several trains would depart at the same time as if the train operators knew I was photographing.

Golden Hour Peak
The Eastern Phoebes distracted me from setting up my shot in time.
A train moves in front of what would have been perfect god rays

My biggest takeaway of photography thus far is that you have to roll with your punches. I missed my opportunity to capture my reds, but as the sun was setting, I was able to slow down my shutter and take photographs of the water.

Another flooded creek shot
Flooded waters twist and turn towards Denton Creek
Another flooded creek shot, but this time an ambulance drives past in the background.

We don’t have rapids near my house, however torrential rains allow me to photograph our wonderful creek system. Haslet, Texas has a vibrant ecosystem connecting to Denton Creek and ultimately Lake Grapevine. Eastern Phoebes cartwheel off fencing and old oak trees when water fills what is mostly a dry creek bed most of the year.

Photograph of an eastern Phoebe in Haslet Texas
Phoebes are out probing the flooded area for bugs
Photograph of an eastern Phoebe in Haslet Texas
This Phoebe was more curious about the man with a Sony camera

Photographing the same landsape over time allows me to document its character as much as it rewards me new vantage points to photograph. I’m lucky to live in such a vibrant area.

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