In the Sparrow’s backyard

Creek out in Haslet, Texas

I used to believe a sparrow was a bird frequenting residential feeders. Photographing more than ten different species of sparrow I now think otherwise. Nine of the ten sparrows I’ve observed inhabit a small creek right down the street from me. We all know what a house sparrow is. There may be a few you have yet to see.

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A home away from home

There are two cedar trees in all of Frisco where I have discovered dozens of yellow-rumped warblers. Enclosed in fencing and elevated above a drainage system, this area is prime real estate for avian wildlife showering it up and snacking on cedar berries prior to arrival at their wintery Texas retreat.

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Focus Interrupted

An impromptu trip to Denton Creek led to a few surprises

Today I ran from a bobcat.

My wife warned me last week when I told her of my plans to visit Denton Creek that bobcats were approaching walking paths, an unusual behavior due to the high waters. I shrugged off the story but did not go regardless. Yesterday, I had plans to shoot Cormorants at Twin Cove Park. Passed the park entrance and it was closed because of flooding. That’s when I made a U-Turn for Denton Creek, my favorite spot for songbirds. Continue reading Focus Interrupted

A Petal Pondering

Three rose bushes were planted in my backyard by my mother in law as a gift for my third wedding anniversary. I thought it was a kind gift for my wife who was into gardening. Who would have thought that I would be the one falling head over heels over natural floral asymmetry.  If you have yet to do so, I highly suggest you see my photography series featuring my roses in the summer. This post serves more as a backgrounder. Continue reading A Petal Pondering

The Flooded Creek

Fall rains add to creek levels around my house making it ideal to bring out my 24-70mm and a few ND filters for long exposure photography. I decided to go out at sunset so I could capture some reds in my water shots.

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Fall 2018 Yellow Warblers

The first week of fall has not disappointed. I have identified three new warblers along with brand new common birds around my house. What brought them in? Rain. And lots of it! It rained nearly five inches the night before severely flooding most areas around my house. Below is some of the footage.

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