Nature through the lens

Birds never turn to strike a pose when you want them to. Sunsets never stand out when a branch is in the way. I can’t control my subject matter most of the time, but wish I could. I am forced to be patient.

Bird identification is a rough process. It takes practice and A LOT of failing to build the mental reflexes necessary for a quick ID. So I trust software when I’m lazy. 99% of the time automated processes are wrong. I know this. I do it anyways. Birders rely on a scientific process to get things right. Multiple people should be involved. It’s easy to jump to conclusions. It’s easy to push blame on a system you aren’t responsible for rather than sacrificing your reputation.

Most of the time there is no story to tell in a photo. I pressed the shutter when I shouldn’t have. My mind races to photographic qualities like color, sharpness, and resolution. However, my heart yearns.

…but when I am breathless, the bird is what I think it is, and the pose is exactly what I want.

That’s gratifying.

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