A Mockingbird in Frisco, Texas

Fall weather musings

Cold fronts bring birds.

…and hawks.

I have literally counted down the days for fall. Now that it is here, I don’t ever want to see it go. You can literally watch displaced birds from cold fronts go crazy over the newness of their timeshare.

A Great Egret flying over a pond in Frisco, Texas
A Great Egret takes flight over a pond near my work

I’d run for the hills if I were a bug. Food sources which I didn’t think existed are discovered by the northern visitors. Robins and bluebirds temporarily migrate for a quick feast on worms at ground level while tuft titmouses scour the treeline from above.

A Robin in Frisco, Texas
A robin takes a break helping to assist its digestion


An Eastern Bluebird in Frisco, Texas
Bluebirds amassed at a tree to eat insects nearby. I counted at least twelve.
A Blue Jay in Frisco, Texas
A Blue Jay eyes this photographer from afar. I dug it’s head feathers.

Downy woodpeckers sporting their full speckled suede suits feast on bugs from the oldest of oak trees enticing the most royal of red-bellied woodpeckers to join in on the action.

A Downy Woodpecker in Frisco, Texas

Then there are the hawks, who, after three months of complete solitude, are awakened by the sounds of “rat-tap-tapping” and “scree-heee scree-hee.”

A Cooper's hawk in Frisco, Texas
A Cooper’s hawk perches on a stump unwilling to compromise its position.

I learn a tremendous amount of local information being out and about during fall. I geotag all of my bird sightings recording their food source as well. I guess I’m fine seeing fall transition to winter only if I get to anticipate the next fall to take its place.

A Great Egret in Frisco, Texas
A Great Egret surveys a pond near my office.
A Mockingbird in Frisco, Texas
A mockingbird preening on a branch near my office
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