A 30 minute walk…10 minute shoot

I try to walk my normal route everyday at my lunch break no matter the weather, heat, or cold. Consistently counting helps you identify trends in your local area. Why are trends so important? When you are able to predict what is going on in your surroundings you can go out and photograph with better results.

Yesterday was special. The water birds come out to play when it rains on summer days. My problem was that I didn’t have much time for a photo shoot. I was in between meetings. Got out of one late. What compelled me to make a run for it was my constitution to push myself harder, farther, better.

I had heard of photographers having only minutes to plan shots in NYC with star talent. That’s in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the world’s most active city, planning for light, and composition. I can make time for a 10 minute shoot.

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