Looking Up

If there is one thing COVID-19 cannot derail its bird migration. Spring migration is a time where birds travel south to north, from South America or South Texas to Montana, Wisconsin, or even Canada. Some birds stay behind longer than most, allowing me to photograph and record their gifted stay.

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Nature at Bear Creek Park

Walkers, joggers, bikers, and just those who want to play on the playgrounds probably know of Bear Creek Park in Keller, Texas. The park hugs a sparkling residential community of high-income homes whose inhabitants are quite naturally astute. I have run into biologists, birders, and naturalists interested in the park, prompting me to always bring along business cards advertising my website – a polite statement that I would love to carry on a conversation about nature but must run as I am actually occupied documenting it.

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The Botanical Gardens in Grapevine

First day of full sun and wonderful temperatures means tulips! I visited the rather small, secluded, and oh so beautiful Botanical Gardens of Grapevine once before, but it was raining. Not this time! I managed to get the wide angle tulip shot I wanted to capture, flowers, bugs, and bird. All in one day!

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Local parks are the place to be

I know what you may be thinking. Aren’t local parks dangerous?


One should always be on a heightened state of alert when parking at a large public space for free. If I were a single woman I wouldn’t do it. I’ve always said public parks are where the dead bodies end up. Case in point, I was recently diverted from Denton Creek, one of my favorite Texas parks, for another in Bob Jones Park. The issue? Four squad cars were blocking the entrance. Now cops may not have discovered a dead body because I did not see yellow tape in the vicinity, but it couldn’t have been good whatever it was.

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Bird Photography Conjures The Best Memories

Image of an Orange-crowned Warbler at my suet feeder
Orange-crowned Warbler at my suet feeder

“Hey man! Love your stuff!” I messaged a most amazing photographer on Instagram. “Love your birds!” The Australian replied. “I’ve been showing your birds to my dad.” My soul basked in recognition.

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The many highs of living in Texas

A large winter blast was bound for Texas Friday. During the day there was a light drizzle facilitating cool moody conditions for video and bird photography. Birds do the craziest things on and around feeders in rain. Street lamps safe to perch on when dry become hazardous slippery objects when wet. The most adaptive figure how to cope. Adverse conditions also allow me to practice for variable situations come spring.

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Wintery Birding Wonderland

Today is the day I will be championing my front and backyard. Last year I had traveled far and wide in North Texas in pursuit for bird diversity. Winter has changed my tune. My wife and I set out to reconfigure our front and backyards this past summer hoping to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. I had no idea adding new bird feeders we received for Christmas would make our yard the envy of the entire neighborhood.

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A 30 minute walk…10 minute shoot

I try to walk my normal route everyday at my lunch break no matter the weather, heat, or cold. Consistently counting helps you identify trends in your local area. Why are trends so important? When you are able to predict what is going on in your surroundings you can go out and photograph with better results.

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