Common birds are just as beautiful than rare bird findings in an unknown city at an alien location. All of my birds are photographed near my home in Haslet or New Braunfels, Texas or work in Frisco, Texas. 2018 was a huge year for me having identified 65 species of birds - some being rare.

A Common Yellowthroat hunting for grub at the edge of a pond
A Cedar Waxwing looking over its shoulder photographed in Frisco, Texas.
A perched cedar waxwing photographed in Frisco, Texas.
A black-crested titmouse hiding behind a branch photographed in New Braunfels, Texas
A beautiful female cardinal photographed in Frisco, Texas
A yellow-rumped warbler photographed in Frisco, Texas.
A Gathering of ducks and geese in central park
A photograph of a Canadian goose squawking
A Pied-bill Grebe splashes in a pond while preening
A photograph of a red-tailed hawk clawing a crow
A Cooper's hawk recovering from shock after learning the guy with a camera is not a source for food.